The History

The story of the Deumic family in America starts in 1993, when they arrived in Lincoln with nothing but a couple of bags of clothing for the family of four. Emsud and Samka in their mid-thirties, with their two children Salko, 14 and Alma, 7. They had lost everything in war-torn Bosnia . . . their home, retail businesses, and even each other for a time when Emsud was taken to a concentration camp. They were reunited in a refugee camp where they lived for about a year before getting the opportunity to immigrate. The family was sponsored by First Plymouth Congregational Church, becoming the first known refugees to come to Lincoln from Bosnia. With no one here speaking their language, they were motivated to learn English quickly in order to create a new family of friends here in Lincoln.

Beginning Again


They were able to get on their feet quickly through the generosity of the people at First Plymouth, English courses at Southeast Community College, and Emsud finding his first job at an awning company. Later, Emsud’s knowledge and skills in the tailoring business, taught to him by his father, helped him gain employment in an alterations department at a large locally owned department store. Samka soon joined him. Still, Emsud was determined that some day he would own his own business again. Emsud and Samka worked overtime, then would come home and work again until 3 am doing alterations in their basement. This work done in the twilight hours for their own customers led to the opening of Emsud's Expert Alterations in 1998, and once again Emsud was a self-employed business owner.


The American Tailor


In September of 1999, the family was able to celebrate becoming American citizens. In the six years since they arrived in Lincoln, they had bought their first home, built a successful alterations business, and their oldest child, Salko, was attending college at the University of Nebraska.

Through the continued hard work of every member of the family at the shop, the Deumic’s were able to pay both Salko and Alma’s way through college, both graduating from UNL. They also reached another milestone . . . purchasing their first new home in south Lincoln.


To all of those who have supported us through the years, professionally and personally. We are blessed to have created a network of close friends who have helped us through the

expansion of not only business, but family.



Emsud still looked to expand the business further into Men’s retail, moving to a new location at 29th & Pine Lake Road in 2000 to slowly add retail. Business grew, so in November 2004 they opened a larger location at 27th & Pine Lake Road as Emsud’s Clothiers. Each family member participated in the business to keep it completely family operated and owned, are still are. Both Salko and Alma are each married now, and their spouses are active in the business as well.


The current location at 56th & Pine Lake Road is a realized dream over twenty years in the making. The land and building is owned and built for Emsud's, and boasts 8,000 square feet of retail, tailoring, wedding consultation and office areas.


Most customers continue to be found through word of mouth, and it’s success is proof that anyone who is willing to work hard with determination and patience (along with good product and service), one can still grab the American Dream.


Emsud & Samka working in the basement of their first home on A Street.

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