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Invest in You!


As you plan your wedding, consider having your best man and groomsmen purchase suits rather than doing the typical tuxedo rental. Have them take home a tailored suit to get years of wear out of rather than just a single night. The suits can be ordered and tailored month or weeks before the wedding rather than hoping everything goes right at your tuxedo rental the day before the big event. And, you aren't wearing someone else's threads from last week, the week before, and so on. Your groomsmen will thank you!

Be Your Unique Self.


Options are bountiful! Matching traditional vests or cummerbunds are timeless, or you can accessorize your suits to each party members personality. Mix and match bowties, ties, vests or shirts with colors from your wedding theme. Three piece suits make fantastic formal wear, or simplify the attire by using fewer pieces and solid neckwear.  Attire and accessories are available from our in stock inventory for greater affordability as well as items that may be special ordered to achieve the perfect look.

Prom, Graduation . . .

& So Much More.


Suits are also perfect for the more memorable nights in a young man's life. As with a wedding, attire for a school event can be accessorized with the appropriate color shirt and neckwear to match a partnter's outfit or school colors. A suit dressed up for prom with a yellow shirt and tie can be paired later with a white shirt and red power tie for any interview or event that requires professional attire.

To address your wedding party needs, an appointment

is required with a Wedding Sales Representative.

To schedule a time, email us 

or visit our Book Online page.

Kervi Photography3
Kervi Photography2
Matt & Jalissa
Matt & Jalissa
wyn wiley2
Buresh Wedding
wyn wiley1
Sousek Wedding
Sousek Wedding
John & McKenzie
John & McKenzie
Blooms and Bouquets Styled Shoot-pass-0086
Tori & Austin
Hardy Wedding
Mermaid Photo Shoot
Kervi Photography4
Boys Suit
Emsud's with Sam Swartz
Emsud's with Sam Swartz
Emsud's with Sam Swartz
The Leekers
Corey Rourke Photography
Mermaid Photo Shoot
The Leekers Photo Shoot
Blooms and Bouquets Styled Shoot-pass-0125
The Leekers


"We got all of our wedding suits here and the customer service was absolutely incredible. Not to mention the quality.  We didn’t know what size my nephews would need (and they couldn’t come ahead of time to try on) so they sent me home with two suits and told me to bring back the other one when we had time after the wedding. Every time you go to Emsud's you’re treated like family - 100% recommend them for everything.

Brooke Jensen Denker

"I've used Emsud's for tailoring since my senior year in HS when they altered my prom dress. Very special place and family. Purchased suits for our wedding party here and many in the party have now become customers themselves. Emsud and his family are the epitome of great customer service. Check it out."

— Lindsay M. Wagner

"Working with Emsuds Clothiers was like having a personal tailor who was also a member of the family.  After shopping around and looking at one overpriced tux rental after another, we were thrilled to find out that our favorite place to buy suits had wedding options available at amazingly reasonable prices. Our groomsmen were able to buy custom-fitted three-piece suits for the price of tux rentals everywhere else.  They were ordered and tailored with weeks to spare and the fit was impeccable.  Even though we showed up without appointments multiple times, we were always met with a smile and speedy service, and Emsuds kept us informed and reminded every step of the way.  We could not have asked for a better experience and I recommend them to every bride I meet.  Emsud's is the best kept secret of men's wedding attire in Lincoln.  We can't thank them enough for contributing to our perfect day!"   

— Corbin and Adrienne Ottemann

"We could not have been happier with our experience at Emsud's! The option for our guys to own their suits at the end of the day at an affordable price was no question the right choice! Everybody looked great and the customer service we received was not only knowledgable but above and beyond our expectations! Thank you for making the process so easy!"

— Becky Boss

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"Acrylic & Smoke" Photo Shoot

Featuring Groom's wardrobe by Emsud's Clothiers


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a complete list of contributors.

"Beyond the Sea" Photo Shoot

by Blooms & Bouquets Events Productions

Featuring Groom's wardrobe by Emsud's Clothiers

"Blistfully Baroque",

Omaha Wedding Esstenials Magazine

Check out a published photo shoot in one of Omaha's premier wedding magazines featuring Emsud's attire for the groom. Flip to pages 58-61, & 96.

Wedding Blogs

Check out the links below to blogs that feature the groom's wardrobe from Emsud's Clothiers.

Thank You to all of the photographers for sharing the images above in which Emsud's Clothiers supplied the men's wardrobe.

Click on any photo or logo for additional information on the photographer.

A special thanks to Blooms & Bouquets, as they were involved in many of the photo shoots featured.

Sam Swartz feat Emsud's Suit
Leekers feat Emsud's Suit
Megan Pomeroy feat Emsud's Suit
Sam Swartz feat Emsud's Suit
Leekers feat Emsud's Suit
Megan Pomeroy feat Emsud's Suit
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